Saturday, May 30, 2020

Mrs. Piss : "Self-Surgery"

My first impression of the debut album from this side project of Chelsea Wolfe kicks in my first though is this is  experimental garage punk. She is joined by her drummer Jess. Before the album kicks in there is an intro piece that was basically chanting about bathing in the filth of the world. The first actual song reminds me of Sonic Youth. "Knelt" that follows is the first single from this album . It was droning and hypnotic kind of sludgey shoe gaze. It sounds more like what Wolfe normally does . Her vocals are still ghostly ,m but more like "Hiss Spun". There is more of a driving retro synth pulse flowing underneath "Nobody Wants to Party With Us". I would say this song falls under post punk, it is pretty dynamic and shifts stylistically. So far it's my favorite song.

Yes there is a riot girl attitude and a bit of grunge/ noise rock from that era haunting "Mega Babes of the Wild Order". A PJ Harvey recklessness empowers this song. I was not sure how I would like this album, as feminist rock is not my thing if the message is being shoved in your face. Her the joke is on the listner most of the time. There is more of a feral metal tone to "You Took Everything" that still has a slinky drugged out grunge feel before the chorus kicks in with the screams in the distance. This is even more of a metallic glimmer than what we have heard from her more rumbuncous touches on other albums. This is not a metal album , but I think it is burly enough to make most metal heads happy if they are no hung up on Morbid Angel. It is heavy in a sonically intense manner. There are moments where they hammer at you in a more overt fashion. 

There is a more punk feel to the eponymous closing track on this album. There are some interesting production choices with the effects on  Chelsea's voice that were a good idea. The vocals and the over all sound has a more "In Utero" rawness so it. I think I like this album more than Chelsea Wolfe's last one. This could have very easilly been a Chelsea Wolfe album, it is not like Burzum where Varg is just playing Pan Flutes and it feels like false adevertising. She could call this a Chelsea Wolfe album and I would be fine with that as it is still true to who she is. I will give this one a 10. This album dropped on Sargent House.

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