Friday, May 22, 2020

Charli XCX : "how i'm feeling now"

She is back to her more experimental out of the box approach to song writing. This time drawing less inspiration from hip hop and owing more to Imogen Heap. These layers harmonies are real apparent on "7 years" . She works best when working with big beats. She has a decent voice, but I think it shows she knows what she is working with when there is a movement.  She marries her new Imogen fixition well what she does to set her self apart from all the Dua Lipa's and Grandes. Lana Del Rey might approve of her less stripper focused lyrics. She is not moping around like Lana. I think Lana's complaint against the Beyonces of the world was well founded . It is not like she did not speak the truth , if you do not like the truth when it comes to music then you would be best to get the fuck out of here because that is what you do. The rest of the world can be a lie . I do not care as long as music honest.

The groove is strongest on the more statcato "Pink diamond" which finds her spits the lyrics more. There is movement to "Detonate" but it does not have the same balls to it. The beats are not as thick. Or agressive for that matter. Sex is not her top selling product on this record. Here is where the Lana Del Rey theory comes into play. Sonically she is making sure Doja Cat is not stepping in on her. Pervious albums I have enjoyed by Charli have been more in your face with the sex. She is hot . So it makes sense . Perhaps it was touring with Taylor Swift that made her less objectified. Take into mind is is in her underwear on you album cover. She got a younger less coked out audience ?  " i finally understand" breezes playfully by lending weight to this theory. There is more adult song writing for "c2.0" . She does go into a more rapped delivery on the verses of " party 4 u" and uses the auto tune pop sound of 2019.

She gets back to the more in your face alt pop on "anthems". She uses futuristic synth sound and makes the most of the production , without mimicing every one out getting pumped out by the radio factory. "Visions" gets kind of rave til dawn. Is it the album's best vocal ? no. Does the song work? yes . I will give this album a 9. It is a return to her breaking away from the pack.

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