Sunday, November 21, 2021

November is Doom - Apostle of Solitude : "Until the Darkness Goes"

This is so familiar in how the pieces fit I had to check to see if I had already reviewed it. I found out I already did that with one band this month, so better safe than sorry. The guitar tone is the kind of warm organic fuzz you want from a band in this genre. Many of the elements do put them very close to the sonic spectrum as Pallbearer. The mid tenor vocals sung with a passion, while still being melancholy and dramatic. They do have a very uniform sound in the first two songs. Not funeral doom slow, but also not getting up to a stoned out boogie. they are more firmly metal. The way their songs flow in a more abstract form and less tied to the verse chorus , also recalls Pallbearer. The art work is more Candlemass. They are not up to the Candlemass level of dramatics . 

Their singers announces it is too late for sorrow going into "Apathy in Isolation" but it sounds like it is right on time. It is hard for me to unhear the Pallbearer similarities  .  Perhaps how the vocals sit back against the riffs and are not as soaring, so they are perhaps more depressed. Having seen Pallbearer live and knowing they can barely keep their eyes open they get so high, that might be what keeps them from being as depressive as this. Things get a little darker as the depression get gets deeper on "Deeper Than Oceans". The more depressive a place they are writing from the more genuine their sound. The more they break away from comparisons of you know who. 

The last song is not as despondent as what they offered up to this point. Not it is hopeful but it conforms more closely to is traditionally doom without an abundance of allegiance to Black Sabbath. Overall I will give this album a 9, as they are good at what they do the melodies drew me in ,every things was captured in a  very effective manner. Most importantly they made me believe their inner darkness when they outwardly conveyed it through music. 

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