Monday, November 22, 2021

November is Doom- Altareth- "Blood"


The kind of fuzz soaked bong loving rock seemed to be something that while inspired by British bands Americans had claimed as their own, now the Scandinavians have come and perfected that as well. The most impressive thing about this alum's opening track is how dark it is.  "Satan Hole" is oddly more upbeat with a street wise boogie and horn accents. The lumber of the mammoth even keeps this party mood so heavy they crash like a hard night of drugs on the first verse and break things down for the second, making this the opportune time for a guitar solo. The watery bathing of the vocals in effects adds more atmosphere to "Downward Mobile" . The helps a songs in an already melodic direction get there along with blues based guitar solos.

"Eternal Sleep"  just kinda creeps by in a drugged , haze the fuzz does a funeral parade by you by nothings really draws me in and keeps my attention. "Moon" is more melodic, but the vocals are kinda pitchy and makes me wonder if the guy can really sing or are they fooling around or trying to fool us , who knows more questions than answers are starting to arise at this juncture of the album.  By the time we get to "High Priest " I am beginning to fear that they are starting to succumb to the mire that so many bands of this ilk fall into where they try to ride solely of a sound and less of song writing,. There is some great guitar playing amid this , but the riffs are all starting to sound the same. 

They went for more of a "Dazed and Confused " styled spacing in the last song did give it a better mood than the previous song, but for this genre I would not say really wowed by by shining the wheels of this hearse. I will give this album an 8, they are solid at what they do and it starts off strong while the warble of vocals are not the bands strong suit they work for what is being done here. They are more sound than song focused , but do show they can write some good ones and create a convincing mood.  

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