Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Insane Clown Posse : "Yum Yum Bedlam"

 The bizarre truth about the new Insane Clown Posse, is it is not much different from other pop, hip-hop and hip-hop homogenized into pop except for the fact they are not on a huge budget. This is really exaggerated on the first song. "Wretched" is darker and sounds like trap rap made for the kids who still shop at Hot Topic, which is not really gothy anymore , but marketed pop culture. I do like this better than the first song though. There is nothing to clue you into the fact these are clowns until "Clown Drippin". The vocals are really dry and the mix is awkward at best. What they do is absurd in the first place, but I think there are many other acts that you can find at their Gathering whose albums are much better mixed , Tech N9ne being the first who comes to mind. 

The gimmick they have been milking for years should be at least as good as the promise of what they are trying to do by now , since it is not like they have had enough time to perfect their craft, this should be one of those albums where I say... these guys are good at what they do , what they do is just not for me. When they try to blend country music on "Gangsta Code" which is a fucking mess.  "Queens" finds them back in a place that is way too happy much like the first song, but with a worse chorus. "Panic Attack " sounds like something that I am sure Limp Bizkit is going better on their new album. That is a pretty low bar. When I get to "Fuck Regret " I am regretting the fact I decided to review this album as as I see I am not even have into this album. Refer to my opening statement about how these guys are not as far removed from the rest of the terrible music on the radio.  If the Special Olympics had an Eminem impersonation contest the results would not sound much different than "Insomnia".

Their cover of "Heart & Soul" might be one of the worst covers I have ever heard. I would hate to her them try to tackle a song that I actually like. Vinne from Sponge should be ashamed for participating. They do write one good song with 'Drunk & the Addict' which lives up to my expectations, but that is one song out of the first ten I have listened to. "Don't Touch That Flower" is the kind of stupid I felt was in store when I pressed play, but that is marginally better than the other songs  though not as good as the previous song. "Slapnut' should remind you that if you ever get comfortable listening to nu-metal you are only one degree of separation from being down with the clown. "Bitch I am Fine" works up until the chorus.  I think they are trying to hard to blend into the Tik Tok playlist, instead of doing what created a sub culture of loners for better or worse. If Smash Mouth was a nu-metal band they would sound like ''Carnival of Lights" , once again they get into sounds that are too happy. "Ain't No Time" benefits from the vocal of Roadside Ghost, it is a song that manages to work, though Shaggy and his partner prove the can not hold a note in a bucket if they had to. 

The last song is an absolute mess, aside from only being two decent songs on this album, I think the worst offense is how the rock elements have been scaled back in order to stay abreast of what the kids on Tik Tok are doing, which for this band is the worst offense , as to sell out is to turn their back on the Family of outsiders they built. I will round this down to a 4.5 , which is one of the lowest score I have given in a long time.  


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