Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Black Metal History Month- Black Metal's Return to the Underground

With most sub-genre's of metal each has it's decade some do not get that much the 80s spawned hair metal, thrash and death metal, by the mid 90 as those gave way to grunge, industrial and nu-metal, the 00's saw the rise of Myspace where  metal core and  post rock flourished as sludge became more of a thing. The 10's were black metal. Yeah I know it has been around in different waves, but it was 2010 that really saw it begin to break big into the metal mainstream until now it's influence touches every genre, movies are made about it and corpse paint is a part of Poppy or um popular culture. Like all of the other sub-genres they are not going any where. As you have seen on this blog if you are a regular reader thrash and hair metal have not gone anywhere, there are new bands in both genres still coming out. Thrash do we not only see but is making a comeback, hair metal already saw it's comeback in the Myspace days, those bands are just more underground now. Ironic that grindcore is becoming more mainstream, but if you are a new hair metal band you're underground. 

The hipsters have moved onto to something else, country, folk, trap pop, whatever. They were only on the band wagon for a time. Judging from the more underground sites I pull music from sludge, thrash, grind core and crust are more dominate do to the flux of new music coming out as things move in that direction. I call grindcore a while back. Industrial is also seeing a comeback and might be where some hipsters are gravitating. When the Ministry / KMFDM tour was announced you would have thought Nirvana was making a return with Zombie Cobain from they way my Facebook news feed came to life. If there was a window for the American marketing machine to have tried to cash in and mass market black metal it would have been with the release of "Lords of Chaos". If was not a big of budget movie as "Rocket Man " or "Bohemian Rhapsody" . It got the justified snub from the actual black metal musicians involved and none of them ever packed arenas like the more radio centered likes of Queen and Elton . Elton's move was met with much less fanfar than Queen's. That moment passed and now the music is back where it belongs.

In Europe the genre will continue to thrive. The bulk of the bands I see in my in-box every morning are from there. I think this month we saw a great deal of black metal coming from Eastern Europe.  American press is shunning black metal since it is aligned with hate, as it should be. America has very thin skin when it comes to hate. All the hipsters are touting socialism and acting like a bunch of fucking hippies supporting Bernie Sanders, showing themselves for the poseurs they are. Not that the right in America is any better due to their Christian connection. I guess libertarian or anarchist is the most metal choice. So now we find America distracted and hopefully annihilated by the Coronavirus, the darkness will spread and chaos will consume the earth making black metal the best soundtrack for those who worship darkness. 

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