Friday, May 25, 2018

Chvrches : "Love Is Dead"

So this band was my methadone to ween me off a violent addiction to Taylor Swift's "1989" album. For the most part it worked only to get me hooked on their sugary electro pop. Things are only getting worse in the best possible way from there. Lauren Mayberry has lost the goth trappings of her look, and this album might not be the same shade of gray we have heard from them previous. The chorus to "Get Our" busts out and grabs your ear. The synths have a shinier sheen of plastic to them. The vocals are well layered and produced. Less dripping with effects than Taylor Swift's last album. As far as her melodies go the verses are not as strong as the choruses , but this is only two songs in. There is more disco to "Deliverance" which might be a song that just needs to grow on me. "My Enemy" finds her trading off vocals with Martin who's vocal have gotten better with each album.

"Forever" is a better example of what they do best. Mayberry's vocals fall right where they need to. "Never Say Die" follows a somewhat similar path. Lyrically it's a little more interesting. "Miracle" fills the spot they need on the map for modern pop radio. It's well crafted and stays true to what they do without coming across like a sell out. It has more balls than most of the pop these days and doesn't skimp on the sugar. "Graves' kinds strikes me a more middle of the road tune that falls into what is expected. I prefer the moodier verses to "Heaven / Hell" . The bass line thumps , but there is room for contemplation. I'm not sure about Martin's vocals on " God's Plan". It seems like some diety should have planned better for the melodies. Musically it improves as it progresses the vocals just make it uncertain.

There is more of an 80s feel to the more kraut rock synths on "Really Gone" though the meat of the song feels rather timid. "Wonderland" closes the album with a more minimal beat. The chorus is bigger in an almost more formulaic manner. I round this one up as I suspect it has to grow on me so going to give it a 9 for now, which puts this a notch under their other albums.

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