Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Top 10 Worst Albums of 2017

You saw the best now here's the worst. Some of these albums are from bands I once loved making it more heartbreaking. Some are rookies you are more easily excused and some of this shit is not even music , but crap that wasted my time. Some have links to reviews and grew on me in the worst way if I ever tried to listen to it again, others I could not force myself through the whole album. Either way here they are if you like any of these, feel free to walk into traffic.

10-Warrior Soul- "Back on the Lash"

This really gave the teenage me a kick in the balls. I used to love these guys and they clearly should have hung it up as Kory Clarke can not sing to save his fucking life and would have been better off hiding behind more effects. I can not believe the producer let this slide. The music didn't do him any favors as it sounds more like Motley Crue's post-"Generation Swine" crap.

9-Peasants- "Dirt Worship"

 In all fairness this is a demo, but it's like letting some one see a picture you are not finished drawing. The rough mix was a little too rough, maybe one day when they get into a real studio they might be worthwhile


8-Flynn Effect - "Obsidian "

The only redeeming aspect of nu-metal is that sometimes it was dark enough to make it almost work. This album did not have that going for it. Instead it sounded like warmed up Lacuna Coil b-sides that should have remained unreleased. The singer is not attractive enough when not airbrushed in promo photos to make this entertaining.

7- Dog fashion Disco<- br="" massage="" rotic=""> -"Erotic Massage" 
<- br="" massage="" rotic="">
<- br="" massage="" rotic="">This band clearly needs to break up again. This is a remake of their first album, which I didn't listen to the first time it came out , but if these guys passed on the chance to make these songs more than just Incubus worship then this is a fucking disgrace to calling yourself a musician.
<- br="" massage="" rotic="">
<- br="" massage="" rotic="">

6-the National- "Sleep Well Beast"

 I used to love this band, so this was hard to swallow. I write for a blog where they tried to say this album was good and I was ashamed to be part of it. We know how great these guys can be. This is uptempo bullshit that doesn't play to their strengths. I get trying to do something different , but it clearly either doesn't work or they just don't give a shit and didn't want to be in the studio , but were obligated to fart one out.

5- Royal Blood- "How did We get so Dark?" 

 Naked chicks on an album cover and it still sucks? The album title explains the problem. It isn't dark. In fact it's the most boring sterile piece of shit begging for radio play, that I could get past more than the first five songs, that sounded like Muse trying to dumb it down for the Mumford and Sons crowd. This is arena rock for basic bitches. I condone the suicide of anyone who likes listening to this kind of bullshit. 

4-Necro Dethmort- "Overland"

 I reviewed this one for Treblezine and I couldn't bring myself to listen to the album more than once to review it hear or waste my time thinking about it to re-write another review, even now I feel bad about thinking about it. It's just worthless noise, no matter what words I used to try to be neutral for Treble.

3 Blank Spell- "Miasma"

 It's annoying enough for a punk band to parade around trying to make you think they are death rock, but when they don't really deliver in terms of punk well that makes matters worse. The singer's voice is one of the worst vocal performances of the year, she needed to be hot to make it make sense and wasn't so it all fell rather limp.


2-Mentors- "Illuminaughty" 

 The album title is the only thing good about this album. Just when we needed rape rock the most these guys really let us down. I was being generous when I tried to say this album had it's moments. I think I really wanted there to be and I was left with something that sounds amateur rather than from seasoned veterans who should know what they are doing. This really proved they should never try this without El Duce. Way to not push the envelope.

1`-deaf Kids -"configuracao do lamento"

This album took away minutes of my life I will never get back. To call this music is really putting a strain on how you define music. I suppose if performance art is worth that to you I suppose that is your business. But does performance art need to market itself as being able to create an album?  I think their name refers to the audience that would really get what they do.Pretty much proof that industrial music needs to come from colder urban environments, one thing is for certain it can't come from Brazil. Maybe it's a shit hole and industrial should only come from post-apocalyptic shit holes rather than 3rd world ones

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  1. Never even heard of any of these, any probably for good reason. Was a good read. Funny.