Saturday, January 20, 2018

Rain Within : "Atomic Eyes"

Andy from Bella Morte is back with a new project Rain Within. His voice is still distinct, it works with the new sounds behind it than have more shade of neon mixed in them. Having emerged at the tail end of the Cleopatra years, this is not really retro goth. He stuck to his guns and is delivering something that has come full circle. Last year I heard a few acts like Death of Lovers who were beginning to sound like Gary Numan , while Gary Numan was not sounding like himself. Andy avoids this and instead rides some Tron like grooves, that would not sound out of place playing in a club from the last Blade Runner movie or on the soundtrack to "Stranger Things".

I think the title track is stronger than "Realign" though I might need to give that song another listen it just breezed by the first time. The formula is being set with the arpeggiated synth lines creating a pulse that flows under the song to create tension. Hopefully it shifts by the next song or it is going to start getting stale. It's very effective so easy to hear how it can become a plot device in the songs to default to.  There is more of a kraut rock feel to the more ballad like "Nothing Here, Nothing There". I think the mood to "Fear, Lies and Love" is more compelling. The pulse of "Midnight" is aptly darker and the effects on the vocal are well placed.

"Home" is a ballad propelled by dramatic 80s flavored beats. This is more Miami Vice pastel colored 80s. It's not until "Rain" that the vocals really bring Bella Morte to mind. They are more dramatic in the chorus. "While I am Here" returns to a more hooky 80s pop, there is a little of Bon Jovi era 80s in the bite of vocals. The synths counter balance the hair spray."Small Precious Lights" is moodier and the vocal have a more detached A Flock Of Seagulls or Echo and the Bunny Men feel to them. The next shadow of Bella Morte comes with "Violet Glow". I don't think the vocals lock in as solidly with the synth lines as most of the other songs, but this one is still pretty decent.Overall if you are a fan of 80s new wave or dark wave this album is a very solid and I'll round it up to a 9.

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