Monday, March 23, 2020

The Weekly Playlist : Apocalypse Edition

What is even more discouraging than a wimpy apocalypse play list is a metal musician saying they can not take any more gloom and doom. Yes, this came up on my Facebook feed. No, they were not joking.Well not only will an apocalypse thin the herd, but the very threat of one will show us who the fucking poseurs are. Death should be celebrated. Why listen to death metal and not celebrate death? It is the only thing that is certain. Why be afraid of it ? Oh, people are afraid. Hoping their city gets shut down, so they get permission to give up and not face the world out side. Here I am hoping for some Mad Max level shit so I have an excuse to try out cannibalism and ride the wasteland as Lord Humongous. This could literally come down to survival of the fittest. Could is the operative word. Every apocalypse I have looked forward to has let me down. In a few weeks things will return to the boring status quo and I will still remember all of you who were hiding  under your beds wanting something happy. Here is a fitting playlist for the rest of you who celebrate chaos like I do. Next week I will make you guys the dystopian future industrial play list , until here is your metal.

Obituary- 'Infected"

Sepultura - "Dead Embryonic Cells" 

Voivod - "Bacteria"

 Morbid Angel - "Angel of Disease" 

Anaal Nathrakh- "the Apocalypse is About You"


Slayer - " Epidemic"


Cattle Decapitation- "Bring Back the Plague "


Asphyx - "Last One On Earth"


Integrity - "Dawn of a New Apocalypse" 

Behemoth- "Christgrinding Ave" 

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