Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Orphans oF Doom : "II"

Orphans of Doom are not actually doom. This is fine with me as I do not like when bands have the name of the genre they play as part of their name. What are they? you ask, Sludge n roll. The vocals are throaty . Almost Motorhead like. The guitar wants to boogie and the drums provide a relentless hammering. They hammer even faster and harder on the second song. Yes these guys are heavy. Is heavy enough to keep me interested ? No. That is not saying some of the songs do not begin to grow on me. My second listen of "Swans" finds me appreciating it's chug more. The way the vocals accent the riff to his one is the closest these guys really get to having hooks. They do have a nasty guitar sound that is so dense and rumbles as hard as the bass that it begins to remind me of "Wolverine Blues" era Entombed.  They throw in some guitar harmonies here and there for marginal melodic effect.

'Rust " digs harder into sludge. The guitars are more fuzzed in some places , but there is not anything we have not already heard on this album. That statement can be applied to every song on this album from this point on. "the Last of Me" picks up the pace. It is not the only moment I detected a punk vibe but it is one of the most pronounced.  "Viper Diaper" is the first song that brings in any new sounds , mainly due to them slowing down and a spoken vocal instead of the husky grunted one. Not the firs time they use guitar harmonies, but they are put to a more logical use here.  I am always a sucker for a well done chug so the alst song wins me over, not in a way where I really feel compelled to listen to it again , but I enjoyed the listen that I gave it. 

I knew nothing of these guys going into this album, so I had no expectations , thus it could not be disappointing in that regard. It is very one dimensional. There is a big mean guitar sound, but that alone is not enough to carry the album. The vocals becoming boring after four songs. I will give it a 7. 

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