Sunday, March 22, 2020

Igorr : " Spirituality and Distortion"

The new album from the French group is still progressive, but a straight forward effort than their previous album fewer moments of  glitched out chaos. The harsh vocals are still present on the opening track but sitting in the passenger seat while the more sung vocals drive the song. "Nervous Waltz" blends classical music with the occasional blast beat. The song structure is way more cohesive this time around. The first time the chaos returns is brief for the under two minute instrumental"Very Noise". The drumming here is impressive.  Harpsichord sounds are the back bone of "Hollow Tree" until it spaces out into ambiance and converge back into it. The operatic female vocals used more frequently.  Bass lines are more organic sounding on this album. The same can be said for the drums.

Camel Dancefloor' is more like Beats Antique , but with a harder edge.  I really like the groove created on this song.  "Parapaing" features George Corpsegrinder from Cannibal Corpse on vocals. Obviously you know what he does. The music is faster , but nowhere near as metal or aggressive as Cannibal Corpse, in fact up until this point in the albums it's one of the more electronic based songs with video games sounds. They go in a more polka direction for "Musette Maximum". After the first minute things get more metal and volley back and forth from there. The beginning of "Himalaya Massive Ritual" stats off with a more metal chug and then goes into a folk opera from there. The song is an ambitious undertaking and impressively pulled off."Lost in Introspection" starts off a darker thanks to the creepy piano melodies. This is set against the  break beat style of drumming they are known for.

There is more of  an Oriental folk feel to "Overweight Poesy". The operatic female vocals soar over this .At the three minute mark metal kicks in.  The female vocals become more screamed and layered with lower male vocals. The glitched out break beat weirdness  surfaces again on "Paranoide Bulldozer Italiano" , but the song goes more metal before it's over .It might be the album's heaviest moment. The classical and metal sections on this album are bigger and bolder than previous efforts, some of this is due to the bigger production value. There is an almost Tool like groove to the bass driven riff of "Polyphonic Rust". They close the album with a more polka paced ditty, with heft to the bass of it's backbone.  I will round this one up to a 9.5, as far as progressive metal goes unless Mr. Bungle gets off their ass this is going to be a hard album to beat .

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