Saturday, January 4, 2020

the Top 10 Stoner Rock Albums of the Decade

The decade began before this blog was started , I can not just rely on sorting through previous reviews. This is not something I can just thumb back through reviews for , I am just embedding video clips to support the reasoning for these albums to be listed as such, since I already did a best of the year list for each sub-genre. Stoner rock in past years was often lumped in with sludge and doom, but this year I seperated everything out. Maybe these are not the hippest albums of the decade when it comes to this genre, btu what matters more is the fact these are the albums I listened to the most when it came to this sort of thing. ; Any ways here are the Top 10 Stoner rock  albums of the decade.

10- Uncle Acid & the Dead Beats - "Wasteland"-2018 

9-Blood Ceremony- "the Eldritch Dark " 2013


8-Electric Wizard - "Black Masses"- 2010

7-Atomic Bitchwax -"Force Field " 2017


6-Hippie Death Cult-"111"- 2019 

5- King Woman- Created in the Image of Suffering"-2017


4-Windhand- "Eternal Return"-2018

3- Queens of the Stoneage- "Villains"-2017 

2-the Devils Blood- "the ThounsandFold Epicentre" /2011 -

1-Clutch- "Psychic Warfare" -2015 


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