Saturday, January 11, 2020

the Top 10 Progressive Metal Albums of the Decade

The decade began before this blog was started , I can not just rely on sorting through previous reviews. I am just embedding video clips to support the reasoning for these albums to be listed as such, since I already did a best of the year list for each sub-genre. Progressive does not mean this is going to be a wank fest. While I do like a good guitar solo, if you are just here for pretentious shredding, you have come to the wrong place.  For stuff more along those lines I have separated out a seperate power metal list,. This might not be the most hipster of the lists that say Vice puts out, what matters is the fact; these are the albums I listened to the most .&Any ways here are the Top 10 Progressive metal l albums of the decade.

10- Bask- "III"


9-Liturgy -- "the Ark Work" 2015


8-Baroness- "Gold & Grey" 2019


7-Cynic- "Kindly Bent to Free Us " 2014


6-Voices- " Frightened" 2018


5-Mastodon- "Emperor of Sand "


4- Igorrr - 'Savage Sinusoid - 2017

  3- Sigh- "Scenes From Hell" 2010


2- Voivod- " Target Earth" 2013


 1- Pain of Salvation- "Road Salt One" 2010

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