Saturday, January 4, 2020

the Top 10 Indie Rock Albums of the Decade

The decade began before this blog was started , I can not just rely on sorting through previous reviews. I am just embedding video clips to support the reasoning for these albums to be listed as such, since I already did a best of the year list for each sub-genre. I broke up what was the punk / harcore list and made them two seperate lists. What was the deciding factor here was what album had the  best songs that are  worth listening to again and again.  Maybe these are not the hippest albums of the decade when it comes to this genre, but what matters more is the fact these are the albums I listened to the most when it came to this sort of thing. ; Any ways here are the Top 10 Indie Rock  albums of the decade.

10- Whirr- "Sway" 2014 

9-No Joy - "More Faithful" 2015

8-Slothrust - "the Pact " 2018 

7-Ride - the Weather Diaries" 2017

6-Pianos Become Teeth -"Wait For Love" 2018 

5-Nothing - Guilty of Everything- "2014" 

4- the Drums -'s/t"  2010

3- the Twilight Sad- "Nobody Wants to Be Here and Nobody Wants Leave" - 2014 

2 - The National - "Trouble Will Find Me"- 2013

1- Morrissey - "World Peace is None of Your Business"- 2014


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