Friday, February 22, 2019

Hexvessel : 'All Tree"

Had to take a break from black metal to check out this Finnish neo folk acts new album. Since Kvohst is singing they do have a black metal history, but this album is so hippy I could not file it under black history month. This is spurned more by my love for Grave Pleasures / Beastmilk . Not as tense as those post-punk projects, there is more melancholy than flower power. "Son of the sky" has a darker 60s rock sway to it . A neo folk strum running through it. Kvohst's voice sounds great as it always does. There is still that melancholy tremble to it , though it he keeps a very clean folk vocal tone on "Old Tree". The darker vibes carry over into the smooth flow of songs like "Changeling" even with a flute dancing around it. There is a heavier strum to "Ancient Astronaut" . The chorus is a little lighter than what I expected going into the song.

There are some instrumental interludes that I am for the purpose of the review not going to get into. Sure they sound cool, but are not actual songs. There is a very relaxed folk vibe to " A Slyvan Sign".They have some of the best acoustic guitar tones on this album. The guitars are very well layered.I like how groove is blended with the frolicking folk of "Wilderness Spirit". There is a more Pink Floyd feel to "Birthmark". The chorus to this one might have the most feeling to it so far. I obviously like the fact tht "Liminal Night: is about Halloween. There is a similar vibe to the last song, though musically it is much more minimal. It has a more solemn drone to it.

I will give this album a 9.5 ,as in terms of song writing and the over all sound they have expanded their scope on many levels. It's a great sounding album. This could help tip them over to more mainstream audiences as I  can see how indie rock kids might get into them, but then again it still might require more thinking than the average millennial hipster can muster,

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