Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Hooded Menace : "The Tritonus Bell"


This band from Finland never struck me over the course of their careers so far as being as creative in the song writing department as they have so midway into the first song of this album. The have really paid more attention to their guitar melodies without becomes cheesy melo-death. The low guttural vocals could always turn into the one-dimensional element that shoots this inspiration down as the album progresses so we will see.   When it comes to death metal, if we transition into the second song and it does not sound the same as the first song then we are on the right track, though I am beginning to get a sinking feeling in regard to my previous statement about the vocals. The opening riff of the second song, repeats later in the song, and while it is cool the rule here is cool riffs alone does not a good song make, for now it is getting them by.

There is a more angular turn in the riffs that comprise "Those who absorb the Night" Granted this did not jump out and grab me on the first listen to I had to go back and dig into it again. The guitar work is impressive. The drummer is fading into the background making me think he is more into doom than death metal. This song leans them in that direction for sure. I appreciate the gallop they charge into "". Things change up and a more mournful spoken vocal that borders on goth singing comes in. I guess here is where the Paradise Lost influence comes into play. The more doomy and dismal moods continue to writhe to life with "Scattered into Dark". I am convinced they do not want to just break the news that they decided to just become a doom band, which I think I prefer as this is hands down better than what I have previously heard from this band.

It is sad that the version Season of Mist sent me does not have the bonus track which is the WASP cover. Instead, I will just accept the instrumental that clocks in just under three minutes as the last song. I am not normally big on instrumentals, and while it does serve as book ends to the guitar solo it is all so well done, I am not only ok with it but like it. I will give this one a 9.5 as the vocals can be a bit of a one trick pony the music has to distract me from. With that said this is one of the year's best death doom releases.    

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