Friday, August 6, 2021

LLNN : "Unmaker"

These angry Danes are ready to challenge Ruin for heaviest album of the year. Though it is more melodic than their last album "Deads". This is not just the weight they are hitting you with , but a much more musical affair than the sheer punishment of the grooves they dealt out back in 2018. The vocals are still very much on the hard core side more of a shout. The riffs cross over into many dimensions of heavy. They could be sludged out hard core break downs. I do get half way into the second song before I realize that it is not the first song any more so there is a bit of uniformity in the sound they are choosing to run with. It is not until the lower more death metal vocals come in that things break up a bit. They do redeem themselves as songwriters with the more dynamic loud to soft with "Obsidian" giving the frantic rant of the vocals more space to breath , this makes the crushing come downs more effective.

After we  go thru a atmospheric interlude we get to "Scion" which is cool but works more of a similar sound we have heard before, as they stomp through the paces. I am more impressed by the depth they add to things on "Interloper". It is also the first song where lyrics I could make out amid the screaming stood out to me. "Division' focuses more on beating your head in with it's dense and deliberate groove, which they are good at . Intense but not the most adventurous moment. They continue assaulting you with brutal  heaviness in the attack of  'Forger". There are moments of ambiance mixed in but once again this is more about kicking your teeth through your ears. 

Despite being able to pull heavy ass riffs out at any given moment they keep things compact and under six minutes on every song but "Tethers". They make the most out of the six minutes though perhaps the songs most compelling moments are when it breaks down and the bass is carrying most of the weight. One of the albums better songs with out question. So they end the album with their strongest, as the very last thing is an ambient noise outro piece. I will give this one a 9.5. It might not be as heavy as 'Deads" but shows maturation in terms of songwriting, which I  not only respect I find a enjoyable listen. The album drops September 24th. 

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