Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Turnstile : "GLOW ON"

The evolution of this band from hard core to whatever they are now happened from the corner of my eye , but now they have my full attention. In some ways there is a Fugazi vibe from the attack of the vocals. This is combined with a Helmet like punchiness . There is still plenty of room for taunt melodies. Musically they bring in sounds from all over the place. Normally I review albums in real time as I listen to them for the first time. This one is so good I played through it a few times before making it to my computer to write about this. 

 The speed propelling "Don't Speed" is the first solid sonic commitment to being a punk band that I have heard on this album so far. It kicks around with playful yet forceful energy that is convincing in the emotions it needs to vent. Things continue to get weird on "Underwater Boi" .  It is hard to even classify what genre they are occupying, it reminds me of the Police a little. The guitars return to  a more crunchy groove for "Holiday" . The vocals are also more aggressive. Things build into more of a bounce. I have heard some Bad Brains influence in the bounce of the riffs now I heard some Ramones in the vocals of "Humanoid" .  They get closer to conventional punk with "Endless". The vocals are generally more shouted here. They hooks to "Fly Again" are infectious , perhaps making it my favorite song on the album. 

There is a shoe gazing glaze to "Alien Love Call".  It brings the more recent Deftones to mind. The come back angrier with the more punk "Wild Wrld". 'Dance Off" has a fun stompy groove to it. This creates almost more of a rock in roll feel. There is a more unique stylistic shift much like they do with "Underwater Boi" where it gets hard to neatly file it under any one genre. Progressive hard-core?  Then they are back with more straightforward hard core on "TLC"  the chant of  "I want to thank you/ for letting me be myself" is a nice touch. It ends with the more aggressive with atmospheric blend found  "LonelyDezires".  I will give this album a 10, they hit all the right spots with this one. 

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