Monday, September 30, 2019

Gothtober 2019

Another Gothtober is here. A month dedicated to all things dark and spooky. I guess it's pretty much business as usual here is some respects , just with more emphasis on the spooky. It seems goth is becoming trendy again. The thing about that is just because you wear black clothes and lipstick doesn't mean you are goth. If you are dressing  goth, but only listening to trap rap then you are not goth you are just a fucking poseur. But don't worry if you listen to all 30 artists I am going to cover this month you will be well on your way to becoming goth.I will continue to cover other things as well, but look for the other 30 articles I am going to post with the Gothrober  tag line.

I since a profound love for darkness helps the cause if you are hoping to become goth. But I like laughing you say? That is  fine go do it in a graveyard while smoking cloves and it might redeem you. I could try to explain to you what goth music is and should be . But instead of doing that I am going to lay out many examples over the next month and cover all the sub-genres of it from post-punk to death rock to metal. Music is one of the main components, though a love for all things vampire and horror movies certainly factors in. Just dressing up and dancing is lame if that is your sole claim to fame.   

I have over 30 years of goth in my blood. What that means is we are going to look at the past 30 years forward. We have gone further back into the 80s before , but this year the past 30. So new artists , older albums anything creepy that celebrates Halloween, there will be some metal cross over.  But I have always been too metal for the goth kids so get ready for that as you are putting on your pout for Gothtober.

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