Monday, September 9, 2019

Report to the Dance Floor- :Post Malone : "Hollywood's Bleeding"

If you are surprised I am covering this album then you must have missed out on my Taylor Swift review. It's ok it is only a few clicks back.  I see this guy as being about as Trap as Justin Bieber. Like Justin he makes some entertaining pop music. "Beerbones & Bentleys" was very hooky and well written. This is the bar this album is being held to. The opening title track is more atmospheric than his other stuff and not the most hooky The second song is better and plays more to his strengths. . He continues to sing more than he raps. Or another way to say this might be his supposed style of raps is sing song to the point of crossing over. By the time we get to "Enemies" he is locked back into his comfort zone.

The more new wave tone of "Allergic" is like the turn the Weeknd took on "False Alarm" . It's a cool song, but sets the record straight this is a pop album not a hip hop album. "A Thousand Bad Times" is another catchy song, though it justifies my Justin Bieber comparison. Lyrically this album falls along the same lines as the previous one. I might just need to grow on "Circles" is almost too happy for me. The bass contributes to this. The song is fairly guitar centered. Future joins him on "Die For Me" thus giving the song a stronger hip hop element. There is more auto tune on his voice on this one to conform more to the standard 2019 hip hop approach. Halsey also drops a pretty effective verse on this. He is doing what he does really well on "On the Road" which benefits from a solid groove.  Well... Ozzy is on "Take What You Want". It is a good song, but I am not sure how I feel for Ozzy's  sake.

"I'm Gonna Be" is an odd pop song. It might have to grow on me."Staring at the Sun" is another pop song, it has a lighter mood despite the lyrics though some what dialed in aside from the female vocal. There are however 17 songs so more margin of error. My guess is if this had been narrowed down to the 10 best songs it would have been am incredible album. The melody to "Sunflower" reminds me of M.I.A, what ever happened to her ?  It's beginning to add to the fact that this is a happier more upbeat album than the previous, perhaps he needs to do more drugs. At this point if you are not a fan of Malone you might wonder what   I consider a good song when it comes to Malone here,  this can best be explained by the song "Internet" . It is melodic pop with a drug glazed  attitude .  I am not looking for Morrissey quality lyrics. Sometimes he delivers this better than others "Goodbyes" just falls in the comfortable dialed in range of what he does.

"Myself" is well written for what it is and works for what he does. He needs to quit taking the meds the Doctors prescribe him and take the ones they are not.  "I Know" works , but is in the Bieberr zone. The last song "Wow" works for me after the second listen. The beat is pretty solid. I will give this album a 9, I could narrow this down to the ten songs that would make this a 10, but he would not stop while he was ahead so it is what is is and I am workign with what I am given. 

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