Monday, September 9, 2019

Mix Tape Mania : "Con Drop Edition"

Con drop was held at bay by throwing myself into writing, now I feel it beginning to creep in. The most obvious thing of course to in order to keep it at bay is make a mix. The bulk of these are from albums that came out this year that I am digging which fall into the more quirky darkness of the depressive style of indie rock I like. Hope you enjoy and maybe find a new band or three.  

Crooked Ghost - "Sinew in Red "

  The Pleasure Leftists-_ "the Conversation" 

  Xiu Xiu - " Chocolate Makes You Happy"

Low Dose _ "For Sure"

  Gold "Why Aren't You Laughing"

  Brutus - "Techno"

  Bon Iver - "Hey Mom"

The Faint - "Young & Realistic"

  Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats _ "Exodus"

  The Foreign Resort - "Outnumbered"

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