Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Exhorder : " Mourn the Southern Skies"

If you are a fan of Pantera, then you need to know these guys. Having formed in 1985, this New Orleans band played a big part in why Pantera went from power metal and hair spray to the Cowboys from Hell that they became. They start off the album with gritty thrash that gives you the middle finger. They kill trend of Southern grooves with "Asunder" and write Slayer caliber riffs. The vocals are mean yet hold melody like another singer we know. They are relentless and continue to hit you with sharp riffs and barbed melodies. As with most thrash if the speed is not properly some times it makes the vocals feel like a punk tinged after thought.  The more mid -paced grooves of songs like "Yesterdays Bones" prove more effective.

It is there use of melody and nail tough hooks that gives them the edge over other bands on songs like "All She Wrote". There are bits of atmosphere at the periphery of their song adds shadow. In terms of darkness I would say these guys are a shade more despondent than say Testament. When they are not purely driven by the need for speed they continue to compel you to head bang , even if it is just a little. Not the original lineup, they have enlisted former members of bands like Grip Inc, Super Joint Ritual and Forbidden to fill in . So it has to be quality,. The drummer who played in Forbidden is a bad ass for sure. The slower darker pulse to "the Arms of Man" works better than the speed fest that is "Ripping Flesh" . "Ripping Flesh" is what I do not want from them.

The close the album with the title track, which proves that the dude can clearly sing. It's almost doomed paced in it's swamp blues swagger, This is a great album. Sure there are a few moments that too consumed with speed, though I would have liked those as a teenager. I will give this album a 9 . It displays their power in a way that is pretty vulgar but tasteful.

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