Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Alice Cooper : " Breadcrumbs"

Taking a break from the Hollywood Vampires to release  tribute to Detroit.  This is a great deal different than what I expected from him. This is very stripped down. It sounds like it could have come from the "Muscle of Love " album. The first song is raw and straight up rock. Almost garage rock. His voice sounds fine for what he is doing here as it is more about attitude than pipes. There is more of this more punk feel to " Go Man Go" . This has weird verses that are more like "Zipper Catches Skin". The guitar is more punk than metal. The drumming straight forward. His voice sounds better here on the chorus not that it sounded bad on the first song. Iggy Pop just put out a lounge jazz album, and now Alice is putting put a punk album. I guess that settles that debate.

"Eastside Story" continues down this street smart dirty sound. It is very live sounding with a production that is up in your face. Nothing as elaborate as anything on "Killer" , the closest it comes to that might be "Under My Wheels" . What is most impressive is this sounds like it is unreleased songs from the 70s. He does not sound like he could be your grand pa. There is a funked out groove to Suzi Quatro's " Your Mama Won't Like Me". The guitar playing and bass playing on this song is fantastic . The production comes out of the garage and has a fuller sound. It sounds more like Alice than the punk sneer on the first two songs.  "Devil with the Blue Dress" is a reconfigured cover . That is also a medley with "Chains Of Love". He still sounds great though this is my least favorite of these songs. Though I like the "Chains of Love" part better. 

The MC5 song"Sister Anne" has more of a Stones like swagger. It took a second listen for it to click with me. It's fun , but not my favorite. It's pretty straight forward. I would prefer to hear darker "Dead Babies" Alice, but this is and has been a side of his sound as well so I can dig it for what it is. I will give this a 9.5 . I t is impressive to hear him sound so refreshed, but it is a far cry from "Love It to Death" and the kind of creepy darkness he can make. I will blame golf and the influence on the more rock n roll less metal Hollywood Vampires. ;.

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