Monday, September 30, 2019

Gothtober -Night Sins : "Portrait In Silver"

When the album opens it is clear they are going in a more new wave direction and less Sisters of Mercy. It does darken some on the second song. The 80s synths are strong. The vocals are breathy not low and gothy. It still gets the point across. It's more 90s dark wave than 80s. This album is produced better and I like the use of samples. While we think of the 80s for goth, a concept that is not unfounded. It is the 90s that goth became self aware. It is hard to deny the more Depeche Mode like groove to "Daisy Chain". It's not even from Depeche Mode's darker period. Think "Strangelove" . The melodies are more refined than what we have heard from them in the past. The vocals are given a lot more love production wise. "Two Headed" dream plays things a little safe and is what you would most expect from them given that the more Sisters of Mercy side is dialed back.

What "Annihilator" makes noticeable is the fact organic instrumentation's being dialed back and replaced by synths and drum machines.  Thinking back to their first album it was punks giving you their take on the Bat Cave, Now it is something closer to what the Faint does. There is more aggression on "Annihilator with a more Nine Inch Nails like punch to the vocals. The title track coast along a more sedate shadow. It's smoothed and almost detached emotionally in the tension. It is more color by number dark wave, just owing more to Depeche Mode than Sisters of Mercy. There is a darker intensity to " Hot Dose" . The beat is slower.  Almost like the Cure's more narcotic earlier moments until the 80s synth drives it. Is it pandering to the synth wave trend...mmm sorta. The song sounds good but doesn't really go anywhere.

An almost Madonna like 80s pulse rides the last song. The vocals improve on the chorus. The rest of the song is a vapid as this period of the 80s was, though a better vapid than the kids of today. It goes some where more than the previous song, but the verse kinda bores me. I will round this down to a 8.5. It never never sucks but the album,  got off to a good start and then began leaning on a sound more than songs.   

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