Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Mix Tape Mania : the Acoustic Version

Despite the fact that I took my meds later in the day than I should have making me extra neurotic, ER I can not do anything in moderation. You ask me what are some good acoustic acts, and rather than make a list like normal people do, I have to make a playlist. Thus another mix tape is born. Since there are no such things as tapes anymore this cyber version will have to do. This is a blend of old and new . By old I mean from the 90s at earliest. By new it just came out this year. In some cases this week. Acoustic music is not different from anything else I listen to as in it will still at least have a dark undertone to it , if not be out right depressing. These are a few favorites of mine tossed in with the current crop of singer songwriters. Hope you enjoy. 

Brendan Perry - "Death Will Be My Bride"


Amigo the Devil - "Cocaine & Abel"


 King Dude - "Deal With the Devil"


 Chelsea Wolfe - "American Darkness"


 Conny Ochs- "King of the Dead"


 PJ Harvey - "Send his Love to Me"


 The Decemberists - "the Bachelor and the Bride"


 Marissa Nadler - "Estranged"


 Ani Difranco -"Swan Dive"


Lyle Lovett-"Simple Song"


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