Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Necros Christos : " Domedon Doxomedon"

The third album by this German band is being heralded as their last. It is more melodic and straight forward . They have come out from the murk of cavernous reverb to have a more organic sound. Gone is the darker Incantation worship. For matter there are few moments that sound like Morbid Angel. The vocals carry more of a croak, than the deeper growl I remember from these guys. Due to this the lyrics are more discernible. They are also more of a focal point with the opener being a clear cut take on the Jesus myth. Three of the first five songs are atmospheric interludes. The opening solo of "Tombstone Chapel" has hints of Morbid Angel. It's mid paced death metal. Two songs in it's becoming clear the theme of this album is Jesus. But in the most blasphemous sense. It might not be as dark or evil sounded as "Doom of the Occult", but the songs written in a very mature manner that is reflected in even the solos whose melodies compliment the songs.

"He Doth Mourn In Hell" finds them slowing down to a more doom pace before the double bass accelerates them into more of a death metal groove. Lyrics are about Jesus going to hell. I have always thought Jesus and Lucifer were two sides of the same coin, so I wonder if this reflects this. Though a closer listen suggests another alternate version of the tale. The album continues to be littered with interludes until you get to "Seven Altars Burn the Sun". This has a more of a thrashing gallop. It goes into a groove that has a surprising amount of swing to it until going into a very Slayer like riff. It seems the lyrics are straying from the Jesus. There is a very melodic break for the guitar solo, that continues the 80s thrash influence. As far as solos go it's well played and not just mindless wanking.

"Exiled in Transformation" has a more deliberation stomp to it. Lyrically this song has more to do with the Tree Of Life. Perhaps working the shadow side of it. Things speed up for "the Heart of King Solomon in Sorcery ". It smooths out into a aggressive double bass driven verse riff that recalls 90s death metal. There is an interesting break involving cleanly strummed guitar that a solo section is built off of. "The Guilt They Bore" starts off fast and in your face before going into a more grinding riff. Lyrically it's back to being a bastardized Biblical commentary. "Exodus" is more of the same and a little less adventurous until the break seven minutes in . Which is a nice melody, but more death metal as usual. They do bring in some new sounds for "In Meditation On the Death of Christ".  After the melodic intro riff they roll into a bulldozing Morbid Angel like riff that carries a great density. Lyrical we are back to the devil and Jesus dynamic. This might not be what I loved about "Doom of the Occult" but in a genre that often is a one trick pony fueled only by aggression, this album has a range of dynamics and solid songwriting that proves death metal can be much more than that. I'll give it a 9. Be warned in physical format it's 3 lps. Of the 26 tracks only 9 are actual songs.

The album comes out May 18th on  Sepulchral Voice Records

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