Thursday, April 19, 2018

Ghostbound : "All is Phantom"

It was a combination of the sounds described in the press release and the fact this one is on A Sad Sadness Song, that made me give this a listen.The song starts off a little disconnected in terms of the arrangement as the acoustic intro didn't really transition well. Then when the vocals that sound like then weaker lunged aged version of Bruce Dickinson come in I feel despite the brief blast beat I have been duped and this is going to be some kind of cheesy progressive rock album. The strum of the guitar leading into "the Wildest Of" is too happy for me. This goes to show that press releases can not be trusted. There is ,more of an angular math rock indie feel to this song that makes me feel it was at least written in the past decade. The vocals once again muck this one up a bit and I used to listen to yodeling prog metal. There is not an ocean of melancholy in the sound , but a few drops more on "Earthen Ground". The singer should stay out of his upper register because it cheeses out things in an 80s direction. This is an improvement over the first two songs. The guitar solo proves they are capable players just in need of stepping in front of a mirror to see 2018.

They think they are getting bigger in a Crowded House direction when they are moving toward Queensryche direction. Something can be said for a band that is self aware. "Keep" is another improvement , but the melodrama remains thick. The proggy croon is more awkward on "Tidings" . The bass gets busy like something from a Dream Theater song midway into it which is more interesting. I think if I knew I was heading into a prog rock album instead of thinking this would be closer to Nick Cave , I might have been more prepared. "Night Time" steps in a better direction despite the vocals , though I can do without the spoken word part. The instrumental portions of " It Goes Away " work really well. Not really sure what the point of the blast beats on "Roof and Well" are, as it sounds really awkward against the vocals. I don't have to have screaming , but I need more aggression than what is happening. The last song circles the drain in a similar vein as what we have already heard these guys do. I'll give this album a 5, it needs more self examination and commitment in terms of what they are trying to do. They are capable musicians who need direction. If you like prog this might appeal to you just don't go into this thinking they are either dark or metal. This album comes out June 1st.

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