Sunday, September 12, 2021

The Dead Deads- "Tell Your Girls It's Alright"

 This rock trio is pretty fun as they remembered to use melodies that infect their big riffs, rather than just rocking at you for not other purpose. It reminds me of bands like Veruca Salt that had their feet as firmly planted on the 90s air waves as they were on the monitors. This is done more gracefully in some song than in others. The second song might have to grow on me , as it is not as tightly focused as the opener. There is a more sun drenched atmosphere soaking it. While the big production is impressive I think when they have a more stripped down sound like on "First Tooth" the results are better. I can do with out the horns that crop up but it is pretty forgivable. "Hey Girlfriend' finds them back in the drivers seats cruising smoothly through the best sounds of the 90s. 

When they drop down to the acoustic ballad side of what they do on "Dead Inside" , they do a capable job of it, but I think sacrifice some of their strength in so doing. Corey Taylor lends his voice to "Murder Ballad 2" . It works , though I am not sure how much he is needed. I think I might have have preferred just hearing her sing. "Wait and See" I had to listen to 3 times before I was able to pay attention . There is more of a grungey blues to it's slink, I appreciate the the palm muted tension in the verses. I like the big swagger "Deal With Me " has. "Out of the Sky" has a heavier dynamic shift from the melodic musing, though not out of place given the context of this album's influences.  

We fall back into toward balladry going into "Cure For Life" which ambles along well enough, though not what I would say is numbered among the album's strongest songs, though not filler either. "Wounded Without Words" is more fragile and not as focused .Once again when you strip away the power chords, we lose what is their strength. The moodier chords of "What it is " build into something more suited for their strong points. There is some hard rock infused into the guitar of "Golden Showers" "Hearsay" is like a more upbeat L7 with out the angst.  I will give this album a 9, not sure how many more listens I will get out of it , but have enjoyed the spins I have given it so far. If you are a fan of the girl rock from the 90s this is for you.  

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