Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Top 15 Goth/Industrial Albums of 2013


The state of the goth scene is evident here in this year's Top 15 Goth/Industrial Albums of 2013 list. Last Fm helped me sort these according to which albums demanded the most repeat listens.

15- the New Flesh- Reality

This Bay area band emphasized the punk in post-punk but still keep things dark enough to earn their place here.


14- Psyclon Nine- Order of the Shadow

The 5th and final album by this band makes you sad to see them go.


13-the Haunted Horses- Watcher

This Seattle trio churned out a dark swathe of post- industrial noise rock.


12-  Author& Punisher -Women & Children

Man meets machine but this time with more ambiance and melody. The post-apocalyptic landscape is still just as bleak.


11-Psychic Teens -Come

Dark and angular like Jesus Lizard jamming with Joy Division, this album has a rock propulsion that keeps it moving.

NIGHT SINS_To London Or The Lake

10-Night Sins- To London or the Lake

This album find the Philly band moving from post-punk into a darker cold wave sound.


Former front man of the Refused crafts some pretty convincing songs that are heavily shadowed by 80's bands like Crowded House and the Cure's more radio friendly moments.


8- Zola Jesus -Versions

Zola collaborates with Foetus to re-imagine her songs in a more organic manner.


7- Nine Inch Nails- Hesitation Marks

Trent steps away from the distorted guitars of industrial into a more EDM direction, that still holds up due to his songwriting chops.



The Swedish post-punks show a lot of maturity in their songwriting on their sophomore lp. The choruses carry more refined hooks and attention to detail.


5-Ministry- From Beet to Eternity

Uncle Al still has a taste for mean metal riffs but the song are not weighed down by this as they have in some of the other post- Dark Side of the Spoon albums.


4-Savages- Silence Yourself

There are many other bands out there trying to imitate Siouxsie, but these gals take the influence and meld into into their own punchy sound.


3- Skinny Puppy - Weapon

More synth driven with with EDM friendly beats, this album is more dark wave than industrial but still demands repeat listens.


2-Beastmilk -Climax

They took the whole post-punk resurgence and made it more balanced from every end of the sonic spectrum. I hear as much Echo and the Bunny Men in this as I do the Misfits. Some of the years best song writing with hook that sink their steely talons into your skull.


1-Chelsea Wolfe- Pain is Beauty

Wolfe goes even darker on this painfully beautiful album. She knows how she wants her voice to haunt the songs, then wails like a desperate siren detoxing off dope. The songs have more twists and turns and take from being doom-folk into a more goth direction.

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