Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Top 100 Greatest Metal Albums - 100 to 91

Ok here's the first installment , I worte this for another blog I write for but it seems a shame not to post it for you guys here.I only chose one album by each band, side projects don't count. Last Fm did most of the heavy lifting, in terms of sorting these out, but things like how these album have stood the test of time factors in.


100- Accept-Balls to the Wall

This one is almost just an honorable mention, as the last time I listened to this 1983 album was on cassette not long after it came out. Despite the homo erotic elements  of this German band  they are harder than most hair metal, even if at their core they are a poor man's Judas Priest.


99 - Incantation -Onward to Galgotha

This band brought a darker rawer sound to death metal with their 1992 full length.

turn loose the swans front

98- My Dying Bride -Turn Loose the Swans

As you will see from this list the 90's were a better decade for metal than we often admit, this album set the stage for what would latter be called funeral doom.


97- Lizzy Borden - Love You To Pieces

An underrated band who faded into the Sunset Strip scene of the 80's .


96- Fear Factory - Demanufacture

They eventually became mall metal, but this album was pretty well written and brought the more melodic and industrial elements to the forefront.


95- Down - Nola

Phil's first of many side projects after "Far Beyond Driven" he slowed things down with bong water drenched Sabbath riffs.

Tiamat Wildhoney

94 -Tiamat - Wildhoney

This album was way ahead of it's time, they were adding Pink Floyd like elements to death metal.


93- Skid Row -Slave to the Grind

This album is more metal than your average Gorguts fan would care to admit, and set the band apart from their more poppy hair metal debut.

overk 92 - Overkill - Under the Influence

These East coast thrashers had an ear for writing catchy songs with a lot of drive to them.


91- Kampfar - Mare

This folk tinged black metal band from Norway, created an album that grows more interesting with each listen.

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