Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Top 100 Greatest Metal Albums - 90 to 81

Continuing our Top 100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time. You might notice some of your favorites on here but lower than expected, well count you lucky pentagrams that they made it all at because the bar is raised even higher and I invoked my Lat Fm page to help me sort this out.

death leprosy cover90 - Death - Leprosy

This album captured a better balanced of song writing than their debut which has gained popularity in the new crop of hipster death metal. After this production began to get too slick before they turned into tech/prog with a side of growls. The high point for this band is King Diamond's guitarist Andy La Rocque played with them for a minute.


89- Grim Reaper - See You in Hell

This is a classic metal album but is so heavy on the cheese it winds up down here.


88 - Dream Theater -Awake

This band would be great if every element that sounds like Journey could be extracted, still even with that going against them this is a still a pretty remarkable album.


87 - Fates Warning - No Exit

They are now thought of as one of the forerunners of progressive metal, from their inception they were a poor man's Iron Maiden, then album they injected more of a thrash feel and brought on a more competent singer.


86 -Annihilator- Alice In Hell

Jeff Waters knows how to turn great riffs into great songs, one of the most well written albums from thrash's glory days.


85 - Dark Angel- Leave Scars

They live up to their name making darker thrash than Slayer. They captured a certain intensity that set themselves apart from  the other bands of the era. sister twist

84- Twisted Sister- Stay Hungry

Sure you have heard "We're Not Going to Take it " on Glee, but songs like "Burn in Hell" and "Captain Howdy" earned this album's place on this list.


83- Venom - Black Metal

The only thing this really has in common with black metal is the name. This album while it is a lot of fun and deserves to be here, has  a mythology built around it that its legend doesn't live up to. The reason being is that they were the entry point for a lot of punk rockers into metal. They are more of an influence to High on Fire than Emperor.


82-W.A.S.P - the Last Command

This album was a big step forward for these guys in terms of song writing and production and hits harder than their more hair metal debut.


81-Alice Cooper - Raise Your Fist and Yell

One of the few artists who crosses over from our rock list. Cooper beefed it up to change with the times , knowing that bands like Megadeth, would be opening for him.

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