Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Return of the Weekly Shuffle

What the fuck is a weekly shuffle you ask. Well I hit shuffle mode on my iPod and review the first ten songs that pop up. It is back by popular demand so here we go.

the Last of the Famous International Playboys by Morrissey

This song is golden, smartly written though not as mean spirited as some of his solo work, but it is tons of fun none the less. People always call Moz depressing, but this song makes me smile every time.

Bulletproof Cupid by Placebo

Sure its a cool riff, but that doesn't make this a song . It feels more like the intro to the Sleeping With Ghosts album.

Ups by Cocteau Twins

This song flutters like fairy birds. She rolls her consonants strangely on this one and is speaking in tongue most of the time here , but that is the great thing about Liz is  she uses her voice more like an instrument rather than just the tired old verse chorus radio rock.

Saturday's Child by Brendan Perry

The male half of Dead Can Dance whose voice once reminded me too much of Neil Diamond, so I used to fast forward past his songs most of the time and now he is one of my favorite singers. Live the man is  an unsung powerhouse. I like this song because the way he transitions up into falsetto is very endearing.

Day of Lords -by Joy Division

Damn, the Weekly Shuffle returns only for my iPod to pump out a bunch of goth, "Where will it end" laments Ian Curtis. This song is heavy even though its not metal. The bass really pumps nicely into the drums on this .

Obedience by Wreck and Reference

O.k something closer to metal. I am still not over the fact this band's name is not No Youth. This was a great almost industrial album that shows  much like Pinkish Black that you don't have to have guitars to be heavy. The tormented vocals that come close to screaming with out screaming are brilliant.

The Earth is My Witness by the Gathering

The golden years from these guys and ..gals. There is a dark yearning to this album that feels like snow to me. This was my first exposure to this band and really stuck with me , despite popular opinion their other albums fall short of this one.

Whiskey Funeral   by Darkthrone

The black and roll years of this band are sadly under rated much like Kiss' disco days or Vegas Elvis. I am a champion of the under dog when it comes to bands getting away from their comfort zones to find something else that works just as well as the sound you expect from them.

Christine Sixteen by Kiss

Speaking of Kiss...there's no use in pretending. I like Gene's creepy moment when he is talking to himself about how he has got to have her. The Lolita weirdness continues on Goin Blind. Musical it's catchy I'm not sure the under current of the Elton John piano line really works but thirty years later the song is in my iPod.

Into the Coven - Mercyful Fate

That intro is sweetly played as the calm before the storm. The riff is metal up to 11 no question. Fate is rawer than King's solo works and this appeals to people who are really into the first two Maiden albums as well, as long as they aren't pussies about becoming Lucifer's Child.


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