Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Top 100 Greatest Metal Albums: 40 to 31


Thrashing through our Top 100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time, we now enter the top 40.

40- St Vitus-Born Too Late

These guys showed bands how to rip off Black Sabbath before every one else was doing it.


39- In Solitude - the World the Flesh the Devil

Ghost might have used their gimmicks to get bigger than this band, but In Solitude does the most fitting tribute to the Euro-metal of the 80's.



They open doors for themselves and other bands to bridge more progressive elements into the pagan heavy black metal evolution.


37-Burzum- Belus

Of his post-prison albums this one hit the best of both worlds, the black metal sounds with a more ambient drone.


36-the Gathering-Nighttime Birds

They hit the sweet spot before transitioning over into a more alternative direction.


35-Fear of God-Within the Veil

One of the great under rated bands that was ahead of their time. Singer Dawn Crosby unleashes a cathartic performance.


34-Dimmu Borgir-Death Cult Armageddon

Not Cvlt enough for most fans of black metal, they still captured a better symphonic sound than Cradle of Filth, if you are going for over dramatic metal, these guys do it right.


33-Alcest-"Écailles de Lune

They almost single handed solidified the marriage of shoe gaze to black metal with this album, but touched on a dreamier place than others could drift into.


32- Neurosis - Souls At Zero

This album was head of it's time and still puts the band a few paces in front of the pack, Through Sliver and Blood might be denser these songs are darker.


31-Converge-Petitioning the Empty Sky

Sure Jane Doe gets all the props , but this album had less chaos and more refined songs that captured more emotion.

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