Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Catching Up With 2013 :Cloudrat's Moksha

This female fronted grind core band  blasts into their songs like a foot in your face , only slowly down to establish melody on"Aroma" and that is in the ugliest Eyehategod sense of the word.  At times almost like power violence but not as wacky. This came out back in January, and this Michigan band is angry about all kinds of things, social issues the most pressing.  Put normally this girl vomits the lyrics up in a spastic bark only slightly more civil than Jacob from Converge, much punk and less howling. Not that these kids are coming close to touching Converge.

They are explosive and raise a convincing ruckus. "Corner Space"  find them creating a crusty stomp, not unlike older Kylesa, though its more of a calm before the shit storm. "Peer to Peer find the band going
 at times into a more driving groove and in these moments is where they shine, as the full punk mania is taking the east way out after a while. They can cover a lot of ground in under two minutes. The cool riffs don't make a song rule we have around here, really sticks it to these guys , but they do have some songs erupt here and there like "Widow Maker".

The more surreal almost Modest Mouse moments of "Infinity Chasm" make it apparent they are not throwing tantrum because that is all they are capable of doing. They chose the chaos of "Imitable Sea" it kicks like an angered child knocking into grooves at times in the way. "Casse" blast away like full on hardcore, but with out the breakdowns.

The cover of "the Needle and the Damage Done" goes from being pretty dead on to a more anguished explosion, which for the songs subject matter is fitting. There is almost a black metal feel to "Vigil". The album closes with the title track an almost seven minute instrumental, that is more like an outro interlude. I'll give this album a 5 and color me underwhelmed.    

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