Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Catching Up With 2013; Worm Lust's The Feral Wisdom

Occult means hidden so I suppose it is fitting for an occult death metal band to hide their songs behind a veil of atmosphere. When the album does roar to life with the deep wretched death metal they abandon their momentum to space out. This goes on for four minutes until the bust back into with a cool angular riff, hinting at a more progressive side. This one man Icelandic project has a taste for jazz, because that is what some of the space break aways feel like.

Of the four songs on this album only three are actual metal songs as the first is just an extended ambient intro. The third song doesn't find them cutting to the chase but taking the scenic route through the shadows.After three minutes of creating the mood the chilling hells of Iceland belch back up a scathing explosion. Sometimes more chaotic than not. Fans of noise and drone, will like these sections where they drift away which seem to out number the cohesive metal sections.

When this album gets to the task at hand and delivers the metal, it is very effective. It goes without saying that I am all for experimentation and deviating from the conventions of tired old blast beats, but there needs to be a balance to create the intensity. I do like how this is often as heavy sonically as it is metal.

In the albums final song , a black metal feel emerges, but the song doesn't come together until it reaches a doomier passage at the four and a half minute mark. The bi-polar nature of this album is pretty consuming, it is an easier listen than you might imagine, as well executed. The production is geared toward the misty murk conjured up rather than clarity

This is the projects first full length despite being active since 2006, so perhaps the presentation in this format needs fine tuning. I'll give it a 6 but if you are into drone and ambiance with your death metal you might want to round it up to a 7.  

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