Friday, December 6, 2013

2013's Top 15 Metal Albums

 Here's the top 15 albums of the year, despite some of the score a few of these albums got over the course of the year, they grew on me or smacked me right from the get go.These all demanded enough listens to secure their place in the crowded confines of my iPod.


15- Castevet-Obsian

This New York band crafted a find slab of experimental blackish metal, that did not lean too much on overdone blast beats.


14- Lycus- Tempest

Beautiful funeral doom that served as the perfect soundtrack to some of the year's more depressing moments.


13- Aosoth - An Arrow In Heart

The French continued to bring it this year, with some deathly blackness.


12-Cara Neir -Portals to a Better, Dead World

Weird crusty black metal with punk attitude out of Texas.


11- Batillus- Concrete Sustain

This New York band's crushing release combined industrial with dirty sludge.


10-Ihsahn - Das Seelenbrechen

Former Emperor front-man experiments with his solo sounds and continues to push the envelope forward.


9 -Darkthrone- the Underground Resistance

Black Metal veterans revisited the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and didn't break any new ground but had a lot of fun.


8-Deafheaven -Sunbather

If they continue to drift further into the dream land, this might be the last time you see them on this list , as they will have officially crossed over into not being a metal band. But this album did a great job of riding the line.


7-An Autumn For Crippled Children-Try Not to Destroy Everything You Love

Another artist who rode the line to the edge of what we think metal can be .


6-Tribulation - the Formulas of Death

This album really grew on me and after seeing them live it all clicked further into place. They are a death metal band who isn't afraid to drift into jamming.


5-Voi Vod- Target Earth

The Canadian metal masters did it again, even after losing their long time guitarist Piggy. This album shows the kids how to do thrashing sci-fi metal right.


4-Altar Of Plagues -Teethed Glory & Injury

Another album that continued to grow on me as it demanded repeat listens. Sadly it's the project swan song right when they found the perfect sound.


3-Loss Of Self- Twelve Minutes

If you just read reviews comparing these guys to Deafheaven and dismissed this band , then you have really missed out. They blend black metal with some very dark sonic elements and are nothing short of awesome.


2- In Solitude -Sister

This album gave the number one album a run for its black soul. I had to check Last Fm to see which one I listened too more. These Swedes grew into their own and put the Merciful Fate comparisons to rest.


1- Watain - the Wild Hunt

How could they out do themselves after Lawless Darkness? They didn't try. They took the next logical step forward in their spiritual journey. This album continues to unfold with each listen. The word occult has be thrown around in metal this year, it means hidden and that is what this album uncovers where others pretend

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