Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Top 15 Albums of 2013

Here is the cream of the crop from 2013


15-Tribulation - the Formulas of Death

For a death metal band to have made this list, it says something about the fact they aren't afraid to drift into jamming.


14-Voi Vod- Target Earth

The Canadian metal masters did it again. Why they beat Tribulation for this spot ? These metal veterans are more refined songwriters.


13-Altar Of Plagues -Teethed Glory & Injury

Sadly the project's swan song right when they found the perfect sound.Why it beat out Voi Vod?  Has more kick.

12-Savages- Silence Yourself

These gals take the Siouxsie influence and meld into into their own punchy sound. Why it beat out Altar of Plagues? Tighter songs that demanded more listens.


11- Skinny Puppy - Weapon

More synth driven with with EDM friendly beats. Why is beat out Savages? Cooler grooves


10-the Black Heart Rebellion-Har Nevo

Dark and primal, heavy but not quiet metal , this former hard core bands matures in the best way possible.Why is beat out Skinny Puppy? More organic warmth that bred more feelings.


9-Loss Of Self- Twelve Minutes

If you  compared these guys to Deafheaven and dismissed this band , then you have really missed out.  Why They beat out Black Heart Rebellion? Heavier and more  anguished, yet ambient.


8-Merchandise-Totale Nite

Normally I don't like e.p.s , but I will take whatever I can get from this Florida band. Why they beat out Loss of Self? They would have ranked higher but this is just an e.p.


7- Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds-Push the Sky Away

Cave keeps it classy, respecting his legacy. Why it beat out Merchandise? It was a full length album.


6-Sigur Ros - Kveikur

The Icelandic band comes down from the clouds to add some balls to their new album. Why it beat out Nick Cave? They songs had more movement to them them.


5- In Solitude -Sister

These Swedes grew into their own and put the Merciful Fate comparisons to rest. Why iy beat out Nick Cave?  Rocked harder.


4-Beastmilk -Climax

They took the whole post-punk resurgence and made it more balanced from every end of the sonic spectrum. Why it beat out In Solitude? Catchier songs.


3- Watain - the Wild Hunt

How could they out do themselves after Lawless Darkness? They didn't try. They took the next logical step forward in their spiritual journey.  Why it beat out In Solitude?  Last Fm said I listened to it ten times more.


2-David Bowie - The Next Day

It's not Bowie's best album, but it's pretty impressive that he still has it at 66. Why it beat out Watain? Well this is David Bowie, so this singing chops are better than everyone else on this list.


1-Chelsea Wolfe- Pain is Beauty

Wolfe goes even darker on this painfully beautiful album. She knows how she wants her voice to haunt the songs, then wails like a desperate siren detoxing off dope.  Why did she beat David Bowie? This was a tough call, but in terms of who took more chances and evolved their sound it goes to Wolfe.

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