Monday, October 4, 2021

Gothtober -Deathsomnia - "You Will Never Find Peace"

 Had to save this one for October or I would run out of new goth to cover for the month midway in. This gem blends darkwave , shoegaze and industrial in a manner not unlike the old roster of 4AD, these days indie rock bands are on the label but it used to mean something to be released by them. These guys are not on the label , but should be as they deserve it more. We have ethereal vocals with memorable melodies . We have solid percussive grooves. We have a band that can capture the sound and still write songs. The second song they push through the ambiance to give the beat more kick and get you out on the dance floor. Idle Hands singer Gabriel Franco lends his voice to "Void Oblivion". His Danzig influenced bellow is intact and compliments this more darkwave sound well. It also bears saying the drummer from Uniform plays on this album. 

'Dysphoria" has a more retro synth sound to it's pulse. The vocals are more of a textured chant and not as engaging as the first couple songs, but this is still a solid song where the sonics of what they are doing compensates.  Kyle from Night Sins / Nothing shows up on "Katabasis" which has a more rock dynamic and a pretty interesting groove to it. Most importantly like the rest of the songs darkness is pervading the mood. This is a really well produced album as it is true to the time it pays homage to yet the mix allows for new sounds. "Open My Eyes" is more up beat, almost in a future pop manner, but rawer and more organic. The woozy shoe gazing glaze washes over it. The deeper into the album the weirder things get" Self Sabotage" is almost hard to define, I guess gaze- wave would say it best. 

I like that even when things get dancey that does not mean the guitar has to be discarded. "One Being One Flesh" is a good example of this . Things get a little murky on the more straightforward guitar drone of "Wastelands" which does grow on me, but prehaps not not as dark and dynamic as the other places they take us. I will give this one a 9.5 and see how it grows on me.  


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