Saturday, June 12, 2021

Wolf Alice : "Blue Weekend"


Formed as an acoustic duo it has evolved into an atmospheric pop band. The dream like qualities are balanced out with grooves on songs like "Delicious Things" .  The vocals are layered into choirs on the choruses. It can be a fairly large sound. The guitars are heavily effected so they are closer to things like dream pop and post-rock in the sweeping manner dynamics are used in their songs. The more folk strum of guitar emerges on "Lipstick on the Glass' where she floats into her upper register rather smoothly.  I would not put her along the likes of Taylor Swift or Chvrches in terms of knocking hooks out of the park. While I like this I think my wife is going to be a bigger fan .

The bass line to "Smile" works a great deal better for me. Her vocals shift into almost more of a rap. The first song that actually rocks like rock music should.  "Safe From Heartbreak: doesn't really do as much for me, while still more of a ballad "How Can I Make it OK" reminds me of KD Lang with it's subtle country undertones. "Feeling Myself" taps closer to who they are as a band,  "Last Man on Earth" is pretty fragile as it is almost too centered on atmosphere until it builds midway into the song. There is a  very Beatles like vibe to it. 

"No Hard Feelings" is another more fragile almost Aimee Mann like vocal. The second Beach song is stronger and has more to grab you sonically. This was a very easy listen and I can see myself getting more out of this album despite  the breezy nature of some songs making it less tangible, so I will give this a 9 for now and see how it grows on me. 

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