Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Death is June : Witch Vomit- "Abhorrent Rapture"

 From the first song I am going to say this might be the most brutal death metal band I am covering this month. Though the do smooth things out into a more digestible chug in places. The production is rough and dense on purpose. Speed is generally this band's thing. The vocals are a growled gurgle from the sewer. It makes me think of a less groove oriented Disma. They hit you hard and fast where Disma focused more on songs. Much like most extreme metal bands , the heaviness that hit you with on the first song is so impressive that you are stunned. It is not until the second song that you regain your sense enough to ask a more important question, but can they write a fucking song ?  

 They prove more effective at what they do when the slow down for the grinding groan of "Funeral Purgation" this is where you begin to hear the Incantation influence. I am fine for the blasting fast parts when they so down to groove a riff after.  "Necrometamorphosis" is a blur of blinding fast riffs and becomes back ground noise. When you bring a blur of sound like that it just becomes white noise. Two minutes in they put more emphasis on the riff and a little more gallop, but revert back to speed, so it washes out.  this goes back to the initial question I asked , but can you write a fucking song. On the second song they prove they can, but this goes to show you that relying on heavy alone only goes so far. 

They pull it together on "Abhorrent Rapture' to close out the album,. Here are many of the elements I want from death metal. It is dark and misery balances out the aggression. They do kick in the jams and come at you full force and I do not have a problem with death metal doing that but I will say it a hundred times I need dynamics. If you do not have that you have the white noise all the blasting fades into.  I will round this down to an 8. It was better than I thought it would be when they hit me with that inital blast of  nasty. This is solid brutality with lots of potential if they learn restraint , I think the fact this is an ep plays to their favor. Being released on 20 Buck Spin. u 


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