Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Death is June - The Top 20 Slayer Songs pt 2 -10 to 1

This is the second installment of the Top 20 Slayer songs. I said pretty much every thing that need to be said to lead into this right here... I have noticed the top 10 have shifted some as I listened to them while I was putting this together , moments of "oh Wait this song really is better than I thought", I have been listening to a ton of Slayer the past couple weeks so I have heard these songs several times on top pf the 35 years I have been listening to Slayer. so here ya go 

 10-"Spill the blood " 

 From- South of Heaven 

 This might be one of their mellowest songs, but it is on here for a reason, this is not only one of Tom's best showings in the studio, but some of Dave's best drumming as well.


 9- "Gemini " 

From- Undisputed Attitude 

  Another serial killer love song, this might be their most under rated as it is buried among the punk
 covers .



From- "Seasons in the Abyss" 

  One thing that has always given Slayer the advantage over many of their heavier minded peers , is the lyrics are better and vocals have more purpose, the way the vocals have a call and response feel to them make this songs and empower the crushing riffs 


 7- "Behind the crooked cross" 

From - South of Heaven" 

  Not only were they one of the heaviest bands going when this came out but they proved you can still have catchy songs at the same time.


 6- "Disciple " 

From - God Hates Us All" 

As you can see there is not a ton of stuff from the post "Seasons " years , but this is one of the best the chorus obviously rules .


 5-"Angel of death"  

  Frim - Reign in Blood

 The scream, the double bass and the riff , yes all are killer, but while it might be their most well known song that doesn't mean it is the best


 4- "Mandatory suicide"  

  From - "South of Heaven" 

 Of course the top 4 have to also be the four darkest songs . This also happens to have groove.


 3- " Dead skin mask" 

From - Seasons in the Abyss  

  The best of the serial killer love songs. If it was the top 20 darkest Slayer songs this would be number one


 2 - "South of heaven"  

From -South of Heaven

  Truth be told the reason this one got beat out was because, the number one song is the first song that got me hooked on Slayer


 1- "Die by the sword"

From - "Show No Mercy"

 I was 12 and would listen to a metal show that came on the radio and record onto blank tapes making mix tapes. This song was on one of those and I would rewind it and listen to it over and over again. I think it serves as the perfect calling card for this band and aged the best of all the songs from that album


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