Saturday, June 5, 2021

Death is June- Grand Cadaver : "Madness Comes"

Here are a bunch of guys from other Swedish death metal bands, who decided to form another Swedish death metal band. One thing they all have in come sounds like a deep devotion to Entombed. They are just better at sounding like Entombed than all the American bands who try. They are also better than all the younger Swedish kids trying to sound like Entombed as well, because these guys are pros at it. Funny enough their previous bands Dark Tranquility, Katatonia, and Expulsion did not sound like Entombed. This desire to perhaps be in Entombed , might have been a life time goal derided by the other members of those bands so they formed this band with a common goal in mind. 

 Midway into the second song "Staff of the Oppressor " the gas begins to run out of the inspiration tank. It all begins to sound less like cool riffs influenced by Entombed and just grab bag Swedish death metal. Things do not make any drastic changes for the better on "Blood Filled Skies| aside from the fact the chorus to this song is a little more memorable. They wait til the last song to pour on the generic angry death metal speed. The riff is much more Entombed, on the previous song I had begun to suspect perhaps they also listened to Carcass, but not so much on the last song.  

The guitar tones are totally dialed in to sound like Entombed. If they deny this I hope some one spits in their face. I mean they are really good at sounding like Entombed so that alone is worth some thing, so even with me rounding this down to a 7.5 , I think I am being more than fair. I already own the Entombed albums so there is zero reason for me to ever listen to this again. You might be a dull prson who misses Entombed and tries to fool themselves into thinking they also like other bands so they listen to a band like this to prove to themselves. 

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