Saturday, June 5, 2021

Death is June - Seeping - "the Watcher"

I have made it a point this month to stray from death doom. Sure the trend is diminishing , and maybe some of the bands that fall more on the doom side of things I will touch on in November for Doom month. These guys I feel pretty solid about covering since they fall more on the death metal side. They just happen to play melodically and with great deliberation. The mourning quality of their sound does not overtake the aggression. Their songwriting is very compact. They do not sprawl out past the five minute mark . In the case of "Morbid Growth" which is only 14 seconds over the two minute mark they could stand to write these a little longer. 

The guitar sound is much dirtier than death doom. This rough around the edges approach helps place them closer toward death metal despite the slow clean guitar strum that follows on " Grave Intrusion". It is a nice touch mood wise even if it is more doom when they do it. I am fine with doom , I like it as a genre more than death metal, when it is done right and not just a bunch of Black Sabbath worship.  Death metal is often guilty of worshipping at it's own altars of madness. This album does neither.  

The thud of bass heralds in the title track that closes this EP out . This might be the album's heaviest song. Which considering 3 of the hour songs are gut wrenchingly heavy , says a great deal. The vocals perhaps serves the least purpose on this one, though it might be the fact they are fairly one dimensional in their guttural agony, and I just noticed 4 songs in. Not a deal breaker , as they are great at what they are doing.  So great that I am going to give this album a 9, I have really enjoyed the time I have spent with it , though it is unlikely it is going to make it into regular rotation for me. Yet it should be rated accordingly to what it does do right , which is most things, though I  could stand to hear what this might be like as a full length.    


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