Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Death is June - Fulci : " Exhumed Information"


I like that Italian metal almost always has something to do with horror. Rather than being overly theatrical like many of the bands who follow this geographic trend , these guys are very brutal and straightforward, more like Cannibal Corpse in this regard.  They are prone to pouring on the speed. The low gurgle of the vocals works as almost more of a vibrational frequency. They play a little larger role in "Nightmare" that is a catchier song before overtaken in their need for speed. More like Cannibal Corpse they share a Slayer influence , which gives their riffs more of a memorable edge. Along with the thunder of double bass. The songs are very compact in the three to four minute range.  The first song that really brings new sonic colors are some of the little effects at the edges of  "Funeral". 

For the rest of the month you can apply the rule that pretty much 90 percent of the time when a death metal band pours on the speed they are going to to sound like every other death metal band that does the same thing. Where these guys beat the curve is they put a little more of a  Slayer gallop to it. They break out synths for " Child" and totally stray from death metal altogether to create a synth wave instrumental . I get switching things up but this is a little drastic. This is blended for "Fantasma" so they do not just forget they are metal band altogether and it makes more sense. 

The last song is just an instrumental outro, so when this song shifts on the last two actual songs , they forsake death metal , which is cool I suppose, perhaps if this had been interspersed though out the album it might have been cooler than just ok lets put the breaks on the death metal. I will give this album an 8, it is pretty solid when they are actually making death metal. 


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