Thursday, June 6, 2019

Report to the Dance floor :Miley Cyrus' " She is Coming"

Miley's 2019 album is going to be comprised of 3 ep s being released at various time this year. The first one just dropped. It is a return to her more dance oriented groove heavy pop. When it comes to pop it doesn't doesn't get more well constructed than this. Sure there was a great deal of fuss about Miley covering Nine Inch Nails for the "Black Mirror" show , but this slays that. The first single to be released from this was "Mother's Daughter". This is darker and more seedy than more bubble gum styling of Katy Perry and more drug hazed than Taylor Swift.   "Unholy" finds her glorifying getting drunk and high as high hell, while she doubts the motives of some of the people around her this lifestyle brings with it. So lyrically it is more mature. Her voice is subtle . It is easy to under estimate her as a singer. There is a slight twang here and there, but she even raps on this album.

The drug stories continue on "D.R.E.A.M", which stands for drugs rule everyone around me. They beat is like an 808, very booming. Lyrically clever. There is a morose under tone, like what it feels like the next day after you are depleted from rolling on molly. Ghost Face Killah shows us to rap on this one, it is good for what it is but she really did not need to add anything to this song. It doesn't detract from it. RuPaul introduced "Cattitude" which is hip hop in the same way Fergie or even Nicki Minaj. She is not the most skilled , but it more like Peaches. She does what this songs need well. Not the strongest song on the album but it fun. RuPaul takes verse to make this the gayest song on the album. So expect this pumping in the gay bars this summer.

The Swae Lee & Mike Will Made it  collaboration is a little odd. It does have a gray drug hang over to , which runs through the whole album, but is shown in a different shade here.  I think Miley's vocals are strong on this song , there just needs to be more of her and less of the other girl. "The Most" is sort of a ballad, though there is movement to it and it happens to be more moody and introspective, though also more melodic and one of the album's strongest vocal performances. I can leave this album on and just let it play so I will round it up to a 10 , it's hard to mine there could be a pop album that is better than this one if the other eps measure up to this.

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