Thursday, June 20, 2019

Bleached : " Don't You Think You've Had Enough"

How many bands play just rock n roll these days . There is a California pop vibe mixed with hints of Ramones like punk that is dialed back to the Cars meets Joan Jett,  "Hard to Kill " changing gears and goes into a more disco like groove. The song is very well written so this shift still works.  Musically you might think a song like "Daydream" is going to be too happy for me, but I think the angry heart break of the lyrics makes up for it. "I get What I Need " is the first hint of filler as it doesn't draw me in like the others. There is more of a 80s sense of melody and more texture on "Somebody Dial  911". The guitar tone shifts to give them more of a Cure like sound

"Kiss You Goodbye" returns more to a dancey groove. They continue to flip flop between the two sounds which thanks to her voice are not that disconnected , she really only backs off on her phrasing in the less rock sections. "Rebound City" has more of a punk energy to it. The moodier "Silly Girl" is a more interesting song , with the vocals less yelled like a cheer leader and sung with more nuance. The chords going into "Valley To LA" have more of a twang to them. This song really grows on me by the second listen. They have have a  knack for hooks that gets displayed here. This has the album most intricate guitar parts as well.

"Real Life" is punk in the sense that Gang of Four. Driven by the skip of a staccato riff. "Awkward Phase" has a more somber tension in it's teenage homage. It is a return to their more polished and hooky frame work of song writing. The stripped down jangle of "Shitty Ballet", is not as compelling even when it builds up into punk with more bluster.  This album is a success for them. I was marginal on this band until now, they won me over so I will give it a 9. This album comes out July 12th on Dead Oceans.

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