Thursday, April 11, 2019

Dead to a Dying World : "Elegy"

Wow things have changed. The first song sounds more like Nick Cave than the band I remember. I love Nick Cave so I am not complaining. There is a more familiar metallic kick to " the Seer's Embrace". There is a higher vocal that is kinda black metal in it's malice , but overall the song is more sludge. Sonically it is occupying a similar space as the last Amen Ra album. The use of clean vocals is well done and not a good cop/ bad cop trade off. The use of strings also adds texture. I can hear where people might be quick to call it post-rock. This album also features guest performances by two former Swans members, Jarboe and Thor Harris, who appear on "Vernal Equinox" . So how can they go wrong ? The album is really dialed in when it comes to the sense of dynamics.

They blacken their sludge on "Empty Hands, Hollow Hymns". The first three minutes are very focused on the metallic intensity, before they become more expansive in the sounds they bring to the table at the other 8 minutes unfolds. This is less experimental in the range of atmosphere employed. Thus it falls in line with more traditional sludge. Midway there is a break down where it drops to strings and guitar, but there are many sludge bands that are no strangers to post-rock leanings. There is a more Agalloch like drone to the neo folk of "Hewn From Falling Water".

They close with the longest song which is the 14 and a half minutes of "Of Moss and Stone" Jarboe lends her voice to this one as well. When it comes to the more metal display of power, they don't go anywhere they have not already been though the double bass is more relentless in the heavier moment  in the first half of the song. A minute and a half of chaotic noise could have been trimmed off the end of the song. Otherwise it builds into the most black metal moment of the album.  I will give this album a 9 and see how it grows on me. It is more hypnotic than it is heavy so take that in mind going into this. It is being released on Profound Lore. 


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