Monday, August 27, 2018

Young Mountain : "Lost Tree"

This band needs to convince me they are not just trying to be the Deafheaven of Sweden . Upon hearing the first single  "Vacant Eyes"  you might assume the hardcore stomp is a variation of Deafheaven used to do. The first time I saw Deafheaven live it felt like a hardcore show more than a black metal show. When you go into the actual album the opener paints a different picture. There is still the post-rock haze of gazing, but with more of an explosive tension. The drummer in this band is on point, There is a more of a punk jangle to "the Sun is Away". Clean vocals have a indifferent yet sleepy shoe gaze color indie rock tone. This makes the initial single more deceptive. They are a punchier brand of punk flavor indie rock , who really rocks out. This dreamy turn is a impressive dynamic shift from the first song.

"Regn" is more if Deafheaven's producer recorded a more mellowed out Converge. It has the shimmering post rock guitar, while drummer is intent on playing hardcore. On the second listen this proved to be more interesting. The dynamics are impressive. There are many interesting guitar tones on this album and none of this is coming from a place that finds them compelled to make a metal album, metal is just sonic color being used."Misery" is a fragile shoe-gazing affair that is more Bright Eyes than Deafheaven. There is an interesting interplay of guitar on the more aggressive yet melodic nature of "Juni". The bass holds most of the overdrive on this song. The vocals are more emotive and I could see this being thought of as screamo. The songs swells and takes you away with both anger and beauty.

The drums set a more subdued groove while going into the title track. It's not as explosive and simmers around in more indie rock territory. "I Flew Over Your House Last Night"  takes it's time bathing in atmosphere it does eventually build up into a more pounding place where screams  echoe beneath it. I'll round this one up to a 9 and see how it grows on me. The only thing that doesn't sell me 100 percent on 100 percent of what goes on here is sometimes the songs are so atmospheric they float away from you and I think  more could be invested in makes this songs that you sink your teeth into as they prove at many other points on the album that is what they are capable of . But it's still a great album.

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