Saturday, August 11, 2018

U.S Graves : " Voice of an Idiot Ghost"

Take Over and Destroy have always had a dark side. This time they have given over it as the singer formed a new project called ...well you saw the title of the review didn't you. Anyways these guys are more of a post-punk thing. That's right post-punk. It might be confusing , if you had heard other things about them but some music journalists at some blogs don't know what makes a band post-punk and what makes them goth. So we will get a lesson in this. So the key to what makes a band goth is elegance. Here is a shocker Joy Division is not goth. Not goths might listen to them , but they are not goth.These guys have some cool guitar melodies and I like the moody baritone croon of the vocals, but they are still too punk to be goth.

Just because of the bar being held high here since I grew up a poor goth child , they might only be taking stabs in the direction of goth  guitar leading into "Don't Pull Out" . Female vocals are layered into this . Now just because this is not goth doesn't mean it's not dark nor does it mean it's not good because it's both of those things. But referencing vampires or Halloween in context of what these guys sound like is just ignorant. The lyrics are grim and vaguely romantic, but they would need to give me more emotion and drama to be goth. They have heard Sisters of Mercy in the manner some of these bass lines drive the song with the title track being an excellent example. At times they remind me of where In Solitude was heading on "Sister" . "And Yet" is not as strong of a song as the first 3. It is not terrible it just doesn't flow together as well in the strum of guitar.

So gothness aside I really like the first three songs. I'll give this ep a 9 and look forward to hearing a full length from them. I might even like this more than Take Over and Destroy. Perhaps they will listen to the music of the night and move in a darker, more romantic and elegant direction and become goth. If they dont I am still satisfied with who they are an like hearing a more emotional take on post-punk.


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